B6 TN Insert - Medical Tracker - FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

There are other sizes available in the store so browse and look around to find the size best suited to your need.

The document comes with:

  • 2 Pages of Medical Contacts
  • 4 Pages of Medication Lists
  • 2 Pages of Prior Medical History
  • 14 Pages of Appointment Questions
  • 4 Notes Pages

 Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you do not have the program, you can download it at http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Select “print”. Ensure you have selected “actual scale” (Note: DO NOT fit to scale).

For duplex printers (printers that can print on both sides): Ensure you have selected duplex printing or “print on 2 sides” in your printer settings. You’ll then want to select “flip on short edge”. You can locate this by clicking “printer” on the bottom left of your print box.

For non duplex printers: select “more options” and select “odd pages”. Then hit the “print button. Once the odd pages print, flip your pages over and reinsert them into your printer. Select “print” again and this time under “more options”, select “even pages”. Now, click print.

Item listed is a digital file for PRINT only. There is a Printed version that can be purchased in the store if you would like a copy to be printed and sent to you. The printed version is reduced in price as our way of supporting the 'spoonie' community!

Nati Planning Printables are for personal use only. Reselling of this file is prohibited.