The high-quality Premium Matte Vinyl that these stickers are printed on is REMOVABLE, but over time the adhesive will become permanent if left to sit on the planner pages for a longer length of time (so its best to peel them up and move them as soon as required). It has a slight sheen to it and is significantly thinner than regular paper stickers (but has a higher colour saturation making the images be more vibrant than standard paper stickers).


The high-quality Premium Glossy Vinyl is PERMANENT meaning that once it is stuck down on the paper it won't be able to be moved. It has a higher colour saturation than matte and is extremely vibrant.


The high-quality Premium PERMANENT Matte Paper has ever so slightly less colour saturation than Vinyl but is still thin and vibrant. You can use any pen on our Matte Paper.


Please keep in mind that not all pens will work on this vinyl (but you will be provided with a test sample sticker sheet for you to try your pens before writing on the sticker kit) The pens that we recommend are:

  • Sharpie Fine and Ultrafine permanent markers
  • Staedtler Lumocolor Superfine Markers
  • Pilot Permanent Markers
  • Bic Mark-It Ultrafine Permanent Markers
  • Sakura Microperms
  • Most Ballpoint Pens